Vulnerability is an Unusual Beast

What does vulnerability have to do with Love? Perhaps not a lot. Unless you consider this: when you can’t be vulnerable, you seriously inhibit your ability to sense and Love (both your self and others).

About Emotional Blockages

When emotionally blocked, we are caught in traps often of our own making. We are beyond authentic Love or empathy. We are beyond understanding for we can’t honestly “feel”.

The society I grew up in taught me to suppress my emotions and feelings. This has always grated my spirit, my heart and brought no end of misery (confusion, depression and low self-esteem).

Emotions and their “symptoms” – spiritual, psychological and physical – show us how well we are coping with what goes on within us. Symptoms are signals that there’s something much deeper inside that’s the issue e.g. as deep shocks or traumas. When blocked, buried or suppressed, these deeper issues manifest in patterns of ill-health.

By choosing to be curious, we can find out why some of these symptoms manifest. By paying attention to our symptoms with acceptance, Love, acknowledgement and respect, we find new well-being options for ourselves.

Being Kind to One’s Self

Charity begins at home. Our home. Our selves.

When we are authentic, we are real, sincere and secure in our own care, in our emotions, in our feelings. And, from this, we are Loving and kind to our selves.

Being secure, we can choose to be vulnerable. In being vulnerable, we truly register what others bring into our lives. We feel safe in what happens. Our vulnerability brings our sense, our Love and our authenticity to bear.

We are thus remarkable and bring difference into the world. By choosing vulnerability, we are the “magic” people need to experience in their lives. By choosing vulnerability, we are the difference and so support others and their needs.

Start Today: Start NOW

Being vulnerable takes only a choice to explore a broader and deeper life. If you didn’t feel there was more, you wouldn’t be looking for it, would you?

Now is always a good time to make different choices. Want to be more authentic and vulnerable and to truly make a difference? Then start with being the change.

Step one: Love your self and touch your life with Love

Step two: Love others.

It can really be that simple. Our worlds and lives are what we think they are. Choose different thinking and your life experience changes.

When you choose being vulnerable and taking that leap of faith to shift the blockages, your life will change!