Finding Hearts throughout My Life

For many years, I’ve been aware of finding hearts in all sorts of unexpected places. I just put it down to a quirk in my awareness. With time, I realised these hearts were messages to say I was Loved.

Places include:

  •  standing in a telephone box, looking down and seeing an elastic band on the ground in the shape of a heart;
  • when I went into the kitchen of a new flat, the washing up liquid spilled on the kitchen counter by the previous tenant was heart shaped;
  • another time, the puddle I looked at was heart shaped;
  • a leaf falling from a tree in Cornwall (do you know how rare they are?) with a heart-shaped hole in it landing on my head;
  • many more elastic bands, leaves and stones…

So many times, when I felt low, depressed, stressed, afraid, lonely or vulnerable, I often found hearts to remind me of Love even though, at the time, I didn’t accept or acknowledge it. I did notice the hearts. Funny how that is, heh?

I now live with a partner whose heart size is far, far, bigger than the size of her body. Wherever we’ve gone to on holiday, we’ve found hearts in streams, in a quarry, on beaches, and all over the place…

How I see this for me:

  • if I look and allow, I will have Love in my life;
  • if I accept my own Love, I will never be without;
  • if I accept God, the very essence of Love to be my Companion, I will always have Love and Light and value in my life;
  • no matter how dark certain times can be, there is always Light – there is always Light, there is always Love – there is only shadow when “some thing” has got in the way, in between…

My choices and decisions need to be about being in the Love not paying attention to the “some things” that may get in the way.

How about you? Go on, share your experiences, too?

Blessings, Benn