The Beauty of Love in Action (regardless)

Love, the driving force and very light of Life and the Universe, is the essence that forms the foundation of many an act of kindness and search for meaning in the world.

Acts of kindness are more than buying coffees or a drink for others; they are so very, very much, much more (is that enough emphasis?). They are the times when others or oneself chooses to be generous, kind or helpful to another when they have to be neither.

In my life, seeking to understand or to find comfort (despite, and often due to, my own torments) without me seeing them for what they were, I was “kinded” to, in a variety of ways:

  • Hardy, my aunt’s dog, was always happy to take me for a walk as a teenager sad and full of anxt; a grand and warm companion;
  • My Grandma treated me for eczema with Calendula flowers in my food and on my body, and with Love – she was often there just when I needed saving!
  • My other Grandma made the most remarkable soups and Elderflower champagne (yum!) and had me to stay during the holidays;
  • At different times, children and cats have adopted me, and my lap, for friendship;
  • One time a very Loving and kind Catholic priest listened to my problems and sent me books about my (then) passion;
  • My parents, at times too numerous to count, have helped me with Love through practical support, money, care and rescue;
  • My step-uncle took me under his wing and listened when no-one else ever seemed to do – his kindness showed I was both valued and important – it felt that unique, it brings tears to my eyes even now most of forty years later;
  • Countless mentors have been there with Love beyond the call – too many to mention: I’ve been blessed with personal accommodation and acceptance and acknowledgement just when I needed it, at times beyond count;
  • What touches me almost most is the Love and trust my grand-daughter has shown me from when we first met – she’s currently seven going on much older and I’m lucky to get great birthday cards, personally designed by her – her enthusiasm for life is priceless;
  • My plants – orchids, Jade (money plants), aloe veras, Peace Lily and Baby Orange Tree – will bloom, grow, forgive, blossom and flourish despite me; I’m honoured they remind me of Love in action as they reveal their beauty;
  • And, last though not least by any means, when I allow to, God for His acceptance, Love and regard for me as His child; I am lucky and occasionally grateful, too…

What is sad is I can forget all of the Love I’ve met because I’ve oft chosen a determined regret, shame, sadness and self-neglect. I’ve buried much of Life’s amazing in neglect, burying it into shadows, unvalued and unappreciated.

Now I make a new decisions and choices:

  • I choose to shine the light of Love to find the Love hidden by my self!
  • I choose to know the Love others’ invested in me;
  • I choose to value their input and
  • I choose to value both my Life and to share that value into the Universe, too…

What have you found Life-changing and how do you express it into the world?

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