Poems sometimes reach places other writing can’t reach. I’ve written few poems but here are one’s I have…

I wrote this poem in 2005 for the time my mother would die. She’d been diagnosed with cancer secondaries and we thought she would “go” imminently. She didn’t go when expected. When she did go, I read this poem at her funeral and the celebration of her life service. I know it’s been read at three other funerals.

In My Passing

I’m free now, relieved
Cherish my freedom and celebrate
My passing; allow my journey to
Continue without any extra weight.

Always remember, we have shared
Our lives, our times, together.
Not all times were easy
Nor our beliefs and choices the same,
When our souls were bared.

If ever I have left you
Feeling afraid and alone,
Forgive me. I ask.
Are we ever ready
For the living task?

Please do not grieve for me
For in my going, my suffering has gone.
With the pain and crying
Release from dying has come along.

I dance now in a better place;
May you dance now too and
Remember I love you;
Live and enjoy your unique grace.


This poem was written in May 2014 and reflects more recent heart-based thoughts and feelings…

Clouds in My Heart

Just now, I discovered clouds in my heart
They explain how I feel confused from time to time
And, how shadows creep over my emotional landscape
Ripping my day, thoughts and mood apart.

Just now, I discovered shadows in my heart
Dark energies hidden yet solid. Before, unseen; now known.
As I paint my own world I choose to lighten them
I choose my picture, my healing, my art.

Just now, I discovered clouds in my heart
And I chose light to blaze through, to shift
To clean, to clear away. I chose to Love and to listen
My decisions are my real part.

Just now, the clouds in my heart began
To shift, to melt, to bleed away
Their power, their effects weakened and
My self-determined life choices sang.

Heart clouds brake and break my heart.
They’re shadows of traumas that rip apart security,
Esteem and wonder. Clouds darken my Love and
Light and challenge my life’s potential flair.
Choosing empathy and kindness removes their effects.

Listening and Love change everything.
I choose to Listen and to Love.
I choose to forgive my self and I choose
To be authentic to Love.
My clouds will naturally clear. I will be whole.
My choices are good.

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