“WHY” Communicating Love?…

If I was to boil my life down to two words, they’d be Communication and Love.

And, those key words are the foundation this project is built upon.

For me, Communication is about acceptance, acknowledgement, regard, respect and engagement through active listening and presence when another needs it.

For me, Love is about the very spirit of life, the essence of God and the truth of being. I don’t ask you to believe in God (you may choose believe in a higher power, your self, the wisdom of Nature or the Universe) but, whatever your beliefs, Love I hope plays a part (which is why you’re here reading this)…

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  1. Sue Plumtree says:

    Hi Benn, your words really moved me! I had lunch with this lady I introduced to you and she told me what impact your unconditional listening made on her. She added it was the first time anybody had really listened to her! I describe it as ‘love in action’!

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